As a specialist for self-adhesive vinyl, IPC offers innovative and premium products with the quality assurance of being "Made in Taiwan".

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Frost Etch Deco Film

Frost Etch Deco Film

Suitable for decorative and functional graphics on glass windows and screens.

Laminates Meet CP65

Laminates Meet CP65

Overlaminates including the best-selling, Luster, to meet California Prop 65.


Over 25 Years of Self-Adhesive & Laminates Films | PVC | Sign Vinyl Manufacturer | IPC

Item Plastic Corp. (IPC) was founded in 1995 to embark upon manufacturing, and achieved ISO 9001 certification in the graphics and digital printing Industries. IPC’s unique adhesive technology creates innovative and premium products with the quality assurance of being "Made in Taiwan".

IPC manufactures a wide range of products such as Color Vinyl; Digital Printing Media for Aqueous ink, (Eco)-Solvent, Latex, UV ink and HP Indigo press; Screen/Laser Printing film; Carbon Fiber Vinyl, Decorative Film; Glitter film; Metallic Chrome film, Frosted etch glass window film; Anti-graffiti; Dry Erase; Application Tapes; Sandblast Stencil; Static Cling Vinyl; Mounting and Laminating Films; We accept OEM or ODM contract orders.

25 years of professional experience and a strong R&D team ensure new and innovative sign vinyl, digital printing and laminates films, working together with customers for contracted projects to enhance the relationship. We pursue excellence to consistently and reliably provide customers with goods and services that meet specifications, are delivered on time, and that are cost effective.

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  • 3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl
    3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl

    3D carbon fiber vinyl is 5.5mil of soft calendered PVC wrapping film with deep embossed surface. It is divided into monomeric and polymeric grade to get the cost effect. It comes major in black color. Custom colors are welcome. Decorative film with "carbon fiber" effect, for use on flat surfaces. Carbon wrapping film is supplied with a clear pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and is protected by a high quality silicone paper. Bubble free embossed liner is optional for faster application and air egress.

  • Silver Glitter Decorative Film
    Silver Glitter Decorative Film
    #GT Series

    Glitter Sparkle Sign Vinyl is soft Calendered PVC and comes with a self-adhesive backing and has eye-catching look. It also gives a bling-bling effect when applied to various different flat or slightly curved surfaces.Transparent glitter film gives a vibrant color on the outside and a silvery color from the inside of glassware. It is a perfect choice for adding sparkling color and privacy to create visual effects. Perfect material for astonishing signage, arts and craft project.

  • Gold Glitter Decorative Film
    Gold Glitter Decorative Film
    #GT-G Series

    #GT-G Series is transparent glitter film and comes with self-adhesive backing. It has an eye-catching look by putting gold flake on one side of a coloured vinyl. Film also gives a sparkling metallic effect when applied to various different flat or slightly curved surfaces. Gold Deco glitter gives a vibrant color on the outside and a golden color from the inside of glassware. It is perfect choice for adding sparkling color and privacy, creating an entirely new environment of light, space and visual effects.

  • Metallic Chrome Decorative Film
    Metallic Chrome Decorative Film
    #MT Series

    Metallic Chrome film is soft PVC with self-adhesive backing and has a chrome metallic effect layer behind the film.Silver Chrome Effect Self Adhesive Vinyl designed for high visual appeal, with excellent surface gloss and a sparkling metallic finish. Gloss Chrome metallic Sign Vinyl available in 16 colors to provide dynamic graphic choice and can be applied on certain parts of vehicle depending on the preference. It also can be used as print media for thermal printers or on Solvent, Eco-solvent or Latex printers. Perform a test to insure the suitability for the application.

  • Pearlescent Decorative Film
    Pearlescent Decorative Film
    #PT Series

    The newly released Pearlescent effect film is a completely different material. The pigment we use for this film is unique. It is recommended to be applied at solid white background to reflect pearlescent effect and change the way the film looks.Transparent Pearlescent films are available in a variety of subtle pearlescent colours. The self-adhesive vinyl can be applied to a window for extra privacy while still letting light through. This vinyl panel can be cut to size and is easy to affix - simply peel and stick onto any smooth surface. It is used for arts and crafts as well.

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