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Frost Etch Deco Film

Frost Etch Deco Film

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Laminates Meet CP65

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Engraving Using a Sandblasting Stencil Vinyl

Sandblasting Stencil Vinyl
Sandblasting Stencil Vinyl

Engraving is the most common design method used to create the lettering and symbols into most headstones. While hammers and chisels were traditionally used for granite engraving, sandblasting has become the preferred engraving method. Engraving is the process or art of cutting designs into a hard surface, like a granite headstone.

Sandblasting is considered one of the most effective methods for engraving granite headstones and monuments and is best suited for lettering and creates the most visually impressive result. The technique uses compressed air to shoot small particles of sand through a hose to erode the granite surface.

Sandblasting has been the preferred method of lettering and engraving memorials from the late 1920’s through today. A special Sandblasting Stencil Vinyl is a thick plastic tape to be cut and applied to the surface of the Mable stone or tombstone during the sandblasting process. Vinyl sandblast tapes allow the pressurized air and abrasive mixture to engrave letters, numbers, flowers and images.

Our Stencil Products have long been in the sandblast stencil industry. These products deliver consistently high quality results. We offer a variety of versatile stencils for monument stencils and sign stencils to provide superior blast resistance, precise, clean transfers without residue, smooth and an optional selection of sizes and adhesive tack.

Sandblasting Stencil Vinyl can operate with an X-Acto knife or with a more precise computerized stencil cutting plotters. Medium-duty sandblasting stencil can work on glass, stone and metal. Heavy-duty sandblasting stencil can be used to create crisper, deeper images in stone, wood, and other surfaces.

A variety of versatile stencils for Medium-duty and Heavy-duty sandblasting.

Advantage of Sandblasting Stencil Vinyl 

Excellent blast resistance as well as prevents stretching and design distortion.

Superb cutting and weeding properties.

No residue when stencil is removed after sandblasting.

Outstanding adhesion and protection to granite,marble, other stone surfaces, glass, wood and various metals.

Headstone engraving with sandblast vinyl tape

Step 1 : Material - Stencil Tape         

Selecting the Right Stencil tapes for the various gauge of blasting.    

Step 2: Cutting                   

Make a Stencil Using the Vinyl Cutter to get lettering and image. Sandblasting Letters into Stone or Concrete.

The process is reversed for blasting letters into stone or concrete.The masking covers the negative space and the letters are exposed.This allows for the sandblast to carve the letters into the sign.Often we’ll finish the sandblasted letters.                      

Step 3: Applying                       

Stencil tapes lay over the stone.    

Step 4: Removing                       

The lettering and image is removed from the vinyl stencil on the tombstone.   

Step 5: Sandblasting                 

The surface is blasted which etches away the exposed areas of granite.  The rest is protected by the vinyl Stencil tape.     

Step 6: Finishing                

Finally the PVC Stencil tape is cleanly removed, leaving behind the inscription image of the stencil on the granite tombstone.    


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