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Frost Etch Deco Film

Frost Etch Deco Film

Suitable for decorative and functional graphics on glass windows and screens.

Laminates Meet CP65

Laminates Meet CP65

Overlaminates including the best-selling, Luster, to meet California Prop 65.


25 Years Self-Adhesive Vinyl And Decorative Film Manufacturer | IPC

Based in Taiwan, Item Plastic Corp., since 1995 is a self-adhesive vinyl and decorative film manufacturer. Main products, including anti-graffiti window film, dry erase laminating film, color vinyl, digital printing media, vehicle wrapping film, decorative and laminating film and so forth.

ISO certified, PVC meets the standard of California Proposition 65, IPC is specialized in surface coating and adhesive converting to develop functional materials from paper, fabric to plastic film for various industries or markets.

IPC has been offering our customers high-quality film and vinyl since 1995, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, IPC ensures each customer's demands are met.

Quality Control

Consistent Quality Assurance

Laboratory testing
Laboratory testing
High-standard of Quality Control and inspection to ensure products quality
Quality control helps Item Plastic Corp. (IPC) produce products efficiently that are of great quality. We offer training courses for managers and employees regularly. This helps keep us updated on ways to do things better. The quality control process is divided into five separate processes, which are IQC (incoming quality control), IPQC (in-process quality control), PQC (Process Quality Control), FQC (Final Quality Control) and OQC (outgoing quality control). Sampling rate and frequency are set forth by the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL). Each different product category has a different quality control standard to ensure quality meet the requirements from customers.
Incoming Quality Control ( IQC )
We inspect the raw and component materials from suppliers. When detective parts are found, we negotiate with the suppliers for return or exchange to make sure product quality will not be affected.
In-process Quality Control ( IPQC )
IPC performs the quality control during the manufacturing process. Frequency of inspection depends on the quality standard set forth by the project. All manufacturing data are recorded for future reference. It helps us to detect and handle the problem that occurs ahead of time.
Process Quality Control ( PQC )
Process quality control tests are simply routine checks at the semi-finished products to ensure that established product quality is conformed to its specifications.
Final Quality Control ( FQC )
All finished products are inspected according to our quality standard for each project. Products are sampled according to the AQL sampling rate before it leaves production plant into the warehouse
Outgoing Quality Control ( OQC )
Our QC team will randomly inspect the finished products before shipping. The crucial step in ensuring the shipment is defect-free. Item Plastic Corp. (IPC) has well established equipment to perform laboratory testing including thickness measurement, Peel Strength, releasing force, glass level, Tensile Strength and so on to ensure product quality. Through the strict quality control process, the product quality will be maintained and to meet the requirements of the client.