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Frost Etch Deco Film

Frost Etch Deco Film

Suitable for decorative and functional graphics on glass windows and screens.

Laminates Meet CP65

Laminates Meet CP65

Overlaminates including the best-selling, Luster, to meet California Prop 65.


Ultra Transparent Coloured Film

#1000 Series

Ultra transparent Tinted film is designed to get the clarity of clear. It is manufactured for the multi-purpose. Applying it on glass to allow light to shine through the color similar to the look of stained glass.

Crystal Clear Window Film, Glossy transparent coloured films, Graphic Colored Window Films

One of the innovative applications is to work as "lens film". This tint film can be bond to lights with optically clear adhesive giving vehicle a restyling look while not significantly changing the output color of lights. It can be applied on headlights, turn signals, and taillights. This inexpensive upgrade can quickly and easily give your vehicle a professional custom look.


  • Glossy Ultra transparent coloured vinyl film, 0.08mm (80 micron) thick.
  • Monomeric grade of PVC. Polymeric is by request.
  • Excellent surface gloss.
  • 25 bright colors.
  • Multi-application: Lighting sign or window decoration.
  • Visual effects create a stained glass effect.
  • Work as tint film to change the color on headlights or taillights of vehicles.


  • Size: 91 (36") / 122cm (48") x 50M or custom size.
  • Face: flexible Monomeric calendered PVC. Polymeric by request.
  • Back is with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive featuring high clarity.
  • Siliconized paper liner at the back.
  • Recommend the wet application method on flat and clean surfaces.
  • These Ultra transparent films bring colors, visual effects and graphics patterns to glass surfaces.
  • It is also for the illuminated signs. Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications.
  • Inexpensive material to restyle looks on headlights, taillights, and turn signals of vehicle.
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