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Frost Etch Deco Film

Frost Etch Deco Film

Suitable for decorative and functional graphics on glass windows and screens.

Laminates Meet CP65

Laminates Meet CP65

Overlaminates including the best-selling, Luster, to meet California Prop 65.


White Polypropylene (PP) Synthetic Paper for HP Indigo Press


#IDPP synthetic paper is developed exclusively for the HP Indigo presses. It is a surface treated of 10mil white Polypropylene (PP) substrate that offers superb ink adhesion and high quality graphic imaging. With a non-glare finish brings your colour gamut to life. The unique formula to improve its folding capability along with its brightness and opacity. This product is designed to be compatible with both one-shot and multi-shot printing and its high static control for easy printing.

Synthetic Paper Substrates For HP Indigo

With #IDPP you get a competitively price, high quality material that provides the durability, tear resistance, and water-resistant properties of polypropylene plastic film with the print performance, and efficiency of conventional paper. It is the best solution for durable printing.


  • Suitable for most HP Indigo digital printing presses, both one-shot and multi-shot.
  • Excellent ink adhesion and high-quality graphic imaging unlike any other synthetic paper.
  • Vibrant imaging.
  • Two sides printable.
  • Water-, grease- and chemical proof.
  • Tear resistant in both directions and easy handling.
  • Environment friendly material, 100% recyclable.
  • Unmatched ink performance.
  • Complete static control.
  • Endless field uses.
  • Heavy industry catalogues, menus, identification cards, P O P signage, sport event bibs, tourist maps, construction maps, tags & labels or packaging applications.
  • Indoors & short term outdoors application.


  • Size: Long grain: 12” x 18”, Short grain: 13” x 19”, 20.5” x 29”.
  • Available in a variety of roll widths, sheet sizes and gauges by request with MOQ.
  • Thickness of Polypropylene (PP) Synthetic Paper: 0.13mm (5.1mil), 0.21mm (8.3mil), 0.25m (10mil), 0.30mm (11.8mil) and 0.35mm (13.8mil).
  • Finish: Super smooth matte finish on both sides.